Photographer: Mio Monasch


Glenda Monasch TE

Co-Director of the Therapeutic Eurythmy Training of North America (TETNA) since 2019

Qualifications: Anthroposophical Foundational Studies at Emerson College UK. Eurythmy Dipl. Performing Arts Sec. Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland; Therapeutic Eurythmy Certification Medical Sec. Goetheanum/ Eurythmy Therapy Training U.K; Educational Diploma.Witwatersrand University.South Africa.

Experience:Resident US trainer for IPMT since 2008; Eurythmy trainer/Sound Circle Eurythmy co-director/London School of Eurythmy, Peredur; Performance:core member Ashdown Eurythmy, London and Nuremberg Stage groups, Eurythmy teacher in Waldorf Schools/Seattle WA, Shining Mountain Boulder CO, The Mount Camphill UK

Glenda is in private therapeutic eurythmy practice in Boulder CO in consultation with Dr. Blanning and other health professionals.

Maria Helland-Hansen TE

Maria Helland-Hansen grew up on the west coast of Norway. 

She received her Eurythmy diploma in Sweden in 1985 and later her diploma as a Eurythmy Therapist in Dornach, Switzerland, in 1993. Her previous experiences include biodynamic farming, two years working in Camphill villages in Norway, two years working in the Vidar Clinic in Sweden, and several years of teaching Eurythmy in a Waldorf school in Norway. In 1993 she moved to San Francisco where she has been working as a Eurythmy therapist ever since giving sessions to students K-12 in San Francisco Waldorf school as well as seeing adults in her private praxis.

She has been teaching courses on constitutional polarities through the Bay Area teacher training since its inception and has been giving courses in TETNA since 2004. 

In 2019 she became co director of TETNA.

Dr. Maria van den Berg


Seth Morrison TE

Anna Ree TE

Ursula Browning TE/UK

Adjunct Faculty

Raven Garland TE, Tone Eurythmy Therapy

B.A. and M.A. in music from the University of Massachusetts.  Eurythmy Diploma: Eurythmy School of Spring Valley, NY; Therapeutic Eurythmy certification: Therapeutic Eurythmy Training in North America Copake, NY.

She teaches both music and eurythmy privately and is currently a class teacher in Wasatch Waldorf Charter School. She is in a private therapeutic eurythmy practice. Raven joined the faculty of TETNA in 2020 under the mentorship of Anna Rée.

Gillian Schoemaker TE

Norman Kingeter TE

Barbara Bresette-Mills TE

Dr.Gerald Karnow

Dr.Stephen Johnson

Dr.Cathy Sims-O’Neal

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Patrick Stolfo Clay Modeling