I stood in the stillness of pine
Until it’s quietness was mine –
I too, all pine.
– Harry Woodbourne
Photographer: Mio Monasch

Therapeutic Eurythmy Training of North America

TETNA trains and prepares eurythmists to work within the field of Anthroposophical Medicine, teaching children and adults to contribute to their own healing process through the modality of Therapeutic Eurythmy.

The Therapeutic Eurythmy Training in North America is a three year long course of graduate studies for those holding a diploma in Artistic Eurythmy. It is certified by the Medical Section of the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland. The course provides a foundation for the professional practice of Therapeutic Eurythmy in such fields as:

Special Needs Education
Hospitals and Clinics
Private Practice

Topics of Study include: Therapeutic Speech Eurythmy  Exercises Therapeutic Tone Eurythmy Exercises Anatomy Physiology Pathology Human Development Psychiatry Digestion Nutrition Clay modeling

TETNA instructors all come with many years of therapeutic, medical and educational experience.

TETNA enjoys a unique relationship with its host community, the Camphill Village in Copake NY.

Therapeutic Eurythmy was developed by Austrian born educator, artist and scientist, Rudolf Steiner in 1921. It’s effectiveness has been recognized by the International Waldorf School Movement as well as by numerous clinics, hospitals, schools and homes for special education and the Camphill Communities, world wide.

Therapeutic Eurythmy is practiced in coordination with medical doctors and is an essential modality of Anthroposophical Medicine and Therapy, which is an enlivened approach to healing recognizing the spiritual reality in human beings and its contribution to understanding and treating illness.